Sunday, 12 February 2012

hye readers , haters and my dear friend ..
this post will be the first post for this blog . . 

for Mohd Yazid

haha mohd yazid is the one and only my sweety pie . .
okay , i didn't tell mohd yazid that i have two blog . . i've made it to surprised you :)
oneday . . i will tell you about this blog ea sweety . .
u have to wait untill i finished it . . okay i would like to say sorry first because i didn't tell you about this blog . . but i will make sure that u'll like it <3

for all the readers , followers and haters 

Assalamualaikum and hye guys !
Kyra , oh ya ! for those who studied in SMTKAJANG . . hey ! it's me laa dekya :)
i'm 18 years old for this year .
Though sometimes i get shy at first , but i love meeting new friends and love get along . .
i love making people smile or laugh so , i joke most of the time . .
deep inside , i'm a loud person once you know me . .
Anyway , i speak what's in my mind , but always to be kind and polite . .
i can be a very caring person , but also can be fucking careless to those people who talks shit about me and i hate COPY CAT !
Everybody has their both positive and negative side , nobody's pefect , so SHUT UP :)

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